MediTec offers the original heme-iron product OptiFer® that is safe, highly efficient and well tolerated. Heme-iron is taken up as a natural part of the body system why OptiFer® dietary-based treatment has few side effects and can be used efficiently to improve the iron status of women of reproductive age. This is an excellent alternative to current iron preparations as too many patients can´t handle the usual iron medications due to side-effects in the form of stomach problems.

MediTec produces the best iron preparation available in terms of efficacy and tolerance and we constantly are developing new products leading research and clinical studies. OptiFer® original full heme-iron supplementation has better bio-availability and fewer side effects than an equivalent dose of inorganic iron whilst it has long been known that heme-iron in doses of less than 20 mg added to the diet is absorbed more efficiently than non-heme iron.

OptiFer® Series Original Heme-Iron
Live a full Life!

OptiFer® Original Heme-Iron

OptiFer A

OptiFer A

OptiFer B

OptiFer B

OptiFer C

OptiFer C

OptiFer Easy

OptiFer Easy

OptiFer F

OptiFer F

OptiFer Kiddo

OptiFer Kiddo

OptiFer M

OptiFer M

OptiFer Vital

OptiFer Vital


MediTec International FairLife Vision

MediTec International FairLife is a Swedish company started in 1995 that is leading in innovation, product and process research and development of heme iron. Today, the OptiFer® line of heme iron supplements is available worldwide. The natural raw material used for the OptiFer® products is proprietary and exclusive for MediTec International FairLife.

MediTec International FairLife International Challenge

Low iron counts are one of the most common conditions. Globally, anemia affects up to 1.6 billion people, which corresponds to a quarter of the total population. Almost every third woman has low iron values.

Iron deficiency is often accompanied by productive decline and has great economic impact in many countries.

Infants with iron-deficiency anemia are at risk for poorer cognitive, motor, social-emotional, and neurophysiologic development in the short- and long-term outcome.

There is a huge need for well-tolerated, efficient and reasonably priced iron supplements in the world. Iron cannot be substituted by anything else.

MediTec International FairLife Mission

MediTec International FairLife strongly believes in the meaning of fair life regardless of origin, ethnicity, sex and nationality.

MediTec International FairLife prioritizes turnover and usage of the OptiFer® Series before
maximised profit.

Everybody has the right to well-tolerated and efficient iron supplementation at a reasonable price.


  • I, Dr Ricardo Torviso, MD, have professionally used OptiFer® iron supplementation tablets for my patients with moderate iron deficiency and my experience and tests is that OptiFer® works well, being both efficient and well tolerated.

    This form of supplementation is needed because synthetic oral iron gives potentially therapy-harming side-effects and the alternative, intravenous iron is very expensive and has side-effects.

    Ricardo Torviso, MD
  • Dietary-based treatment containing heme iron
    has few side effects and can be used efficiently
    to improve the iron status of women
    of reproductive age.

    Dr. Hoppe
  • The OptiFer® heme iron supplement tablets I tried have worked well with some of my
    patients at my clinic that had problems with iron deficiency mainly due to gastric
    surgery treatments. I am happy with both efficacy and tolerance and I believe that this
    product has a future on the Brazilian market with consumers and within healthcare.

    Dr. Olympio Pecanha, MD
  • This is an excellent and welcome complement to current iron preparations.
    Too many patients can´t handle the usual iron medications due to side-effects in the
    form of stomach problems.

    Dr. Lars-Göran Kjellin, MD.
  • Low-dose iron supplementation with a heme component has better
    bio-availability and fewer side effects than an equivalent dose of purely inorganic
    iron in blood donors.

    Dr. Eskeland
  • I have a number of patients that have taken heme iron preparations for years.
    They have kept a satisfactory iron balance without the unfortunately all-too-
    common side effects that are often associated with iron preparations.

    Dr. Lars Ehn, MD.
  • It has long been known that small amounts of heme iron of less than 20 mg added to the diet is
    absorbed more efficiently than non-heme iron.

    Dr. Borch-Johnsen
  • For me as a personal opinion regarding OpitFer Tab, I used for myself and my patients.
    OptiFer has the least side-effects on oral iron Tab and the highest good result I see.

    Dr. Etmad Mohamed El-Said
  • My own special opinion is that OptiFer Kiddo in the best ferrous tablets I have used ever.
    There are no side effects and no gastric troubles, and the tablet is functioning very well.

    Dr. B. K. Naser
  • Feedback from patients for OptiFer Tablets is very good.
    There is no complaints or any complications as the results are very good.

    Dr. Nawal Khedr
  • As a Doctor, and an anaemic patient both, I use much treatment against anaemia but with no effect or with little effect.
    I have now used OptiFer as a new alternative, and I was surprised by the result because it raises the Hb to Normal without side effects. OptiFer is my First Choice for the treatment of anaemia.

    Dr. Marwa Salah Eldeen Mahmoud Aly
  • I have used OptiFer on myself and on my patients and it is giving the least side-effects compared to any iron tablet.
    OptiFer is giving the highest good results.

    Dr. Awatef Ghazy
  • I have been dispensing OptiFer over the last few months to patients at my pharmacy. So far I haven\'t had any negative feedback from my patients in regards to intolerance!
    Overall I feel very confident in recommending OptiFer to anyone starting on iron supplements, experiencing side effects or just simply not seeing great results from their current iron supplements.

    Dr. Phoebe Gao


  • I believe it\'s working. I started taking this after being diagnosed with iron deficiency and although I haven\'t changed my diet significantly, at the next tests (a couple of months later) I was at the lower threshold of normal, and it\'s improving.

  • Probably the best, fastest working iron supplement I’ve tried. Only reason for 4 not 5 stars is tat I’d prefer it without folic acid.

    Mrs S.
  • Excellent!

  • They start to, work, really fast. Good quality.

  • This product is fantastic. I\'ve had untreated lifelong anemia for most of my life. however, aside from pregnancy, no one conveyed to me how important it is for brain & muscle function. From the first dose, these alleviated my fatigue.

  • Great! Felt the effects immediately.

  • Initially I was nervous about taking a heme supplement, IV been vegetarian since 1991 so felt sick at the thought. However, despite using active iron or spatone for the last year, my blood results showed I was very low. Rather than waiting the 4 weeks to see my GP for a prescription, I decided to try this. Within a week I was feeling better, within a couple of weeks my limbs stopped aching and I didn\'t feel desperate to nap. I went from feeling so down about being exhausted constantly, to being able to enjoy my toddler again. Life changing for me, I also didn\'t suffer any digestive upsets and I have a very sensitive stomach following bowel surgery.




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